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Many people, unfortunately, suffer from a sinus infection (sinusitis), and in the US, sinus problems have overtaken backache as the number one chronic illness!

A sinus infection typically starts as a viral infection which can become bacterial or even fungal. Most of the time “sinus” problems are due to nasal allergies rather than true sinus disease. This is becoming more and more common in children. In the US, it occurs in about half of all children.

In the ’90s, it affected about a third of Singaporean kids but the latest study showed allergic rhinitis afflicted 44% of our kids. Thankfully, 2 out of 3 ‘outgrow’ their allergies in adulthood. 13.1% of adults suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Sinus problems and treatment

A sinus infection can either be acute or chronic. The first type only lasts up to four weeks but the latter may last up to three months or more. If you have acute sinusitis, your sinus doctor in Singapore may prescribe over-the-counter medications or recommend other treatments like allergy medicines, antibiotics, decongestants, or nasal irrigation.

If it’s your child who is infected and has symptoms that keep coming back, it’s essential to visit a sinusitis specialist in Singapore so that the doctor can identify the sinus problems and treatment for your child.

When to see a sinus doctor in Singapore?

A sinus infection can certainly be a nightmare for many; that’s why it’s best to consult a sinus doctor in Singapore right away if symptoms including congestion, facial pain, fever, or nasal discharge persist.

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