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Snoring is not only a social nuisance, it can be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a highly prevalent condition affecting millions of people worldwide. Snoring is a symptom but more worrying is the fact that many stop breathing (apnoea) ...

Sinus problems

In the US, sinus problems have overtaken backache as the number One chronic illness! Most of the time, this is due to nasal allergies rather than true sinus disease. This is becoming more and more common in children. In the US, it occurs in about half of all children. In the 90’s, it affected about a third ...

Nasal Allergy

Blocked nose : A blocked nose can be a major annoyance in the day and cause us to have poor sleep quality at night. It can also be a symptom of more serious problems like polyps or even tumours. An ENT surgeon can help exclude serious problems with the aid of an endoscope. Fortunately, most of the time, it is du...

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